Mercedes E63 (w213) Power kit 900+ HP

Mercedes E63 (w213) Power kit 900+ HP ---test---

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BlackBoost Performance Engineering Cold Air Intake System for the E63 AMG 4.0l V8 and GT63(S) AMG 4-Door Coupe

BlackBoost Performance Engineering Cold Air Intake System for the E63(S) AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo and GT63(S) AMG 4-Door Coupé 4.0l V8 BiTurbo.Key Features:An air box that fully isolates the filter with a rubber gasket featured on the upper edge to eliminate hot engine bay air in the engine.OEM Fitment6061 Aluminum air boxesHeat-resistant powder coating.LightweightEliminates factory recirculating blow off valve and replaces it with vent to atmosphere valves.BMC Filters with a twin air design for..

€1 452

Intercooler Wagner for Mercedes Benz E63 AMG (W213)

Competition Intercooler Kit for the Mercedes Benz E63 (S) AMGMercedes Benz W213/S213 E63 AMG 420KW/571PS (since 2017)Mercedes Benz W213/S213 E63S AMG 450KW/612PS (since 2017)The 4.0L V8 biturbo engine of the specified E63 (S) models from AMG is equipped with an indirect charge-air cooling circuit. So the cooling of the charged air is not realized by the ambient air as cooling medium (as usual), but made with its own cooling water circuit. A reduction of the temperature of the cooling water is di..

€2 487

Mercedes AMG (W213) 4.0 E63/E63S TTE1050 UPGRADE TURBOCHARGERS

TTE1050 hybrid performance upgrade turbochargers based on the Original turbochargers for the twin-turbocharged M177 4.0 AMG engine. Stage 3 power, with good spool and response. Engineered & Enhanced   To construct these upgrade turbochargers we change the original compressor and employ a far larger and more efficient billet wheel with extended tip technology and mill the compressor cover to the optimum gap to match the new compressor profile. We replace the original turbi..

€4 558

Downpipe Supersprint for MERCEDES (W213) E 63 AMG

Supersprint Downpipe for MERCEDES (W213) E 63 AMG 4-Matic (4.0i V8 Bi-Turbo) set (left, right), replaces the 1-st and 2-nd catalysts as well as the OPF filter..

€2 071

STAGE 3 Mercedes E63 (W213) Engine and Gearbox optimization

A set of improvements with the installation of more complex additional components, as a rule, this is the replacement of turbines with more efficient ones or the installation of compressors on atmospheric engines with subsequent individual programming.Individual reprogramming of the engine (ECU) and gearbox (TCU) management system of the vehicle is mandatory. The adjustment of all parameters is customly done on the dyno and road testing. Tests on the road include measurements: 0-100, 100-1..

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Mercedes E63 (w213) Power kit 900+ HP ---test---

Mercedes E63 (w213) Power kit 900+ HP

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