About shipping

Shipping within EU

Shipping cost is calculated for each order individually, as it depends on the size and weight of the selected product and the place where you want to deliver. We will indicate the shipping cost on your order confirmation.


Shipping worldwide (EU-third country)

All prices in the shop are without shipping fee, unless otherwise stated. When you want to know what the shipping fee will be, make your order and go to the checkout page. Fill in the country where it needs to be shipped to and confirm the order. Our managers will contact you by e-mail and offer the best delivery price.

You may have to ensure that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country and all laws and regulations of the destination country are observed.

Customs or import duties will be charged after the package arrives in your country. You are responsible for customs clearance. These fees are beyond our control and cannot be predicted. Customs policies vary considerably from country to country. Please contact your local customs authorities for more information.

In this connection, please indicate (pay attention) to the field Invoice address (it may differ from the delivery address). Invoice address - the subject of calculation of customs duties.

Shipment Privacy Policy Note: Please be aware that shipments may be opened and inspected by customs. In addition, we may need to share certain order, delivery, or product information with international shipping companies in order for them to perform customs clearance and comply with the law.


Pick up from distribution warehouse

You can also collect your order directly from our distribution center (Berlin Germany, Poland Przemysl). In this case, we will not charge you any shipping costs.


Tracking and insurance

Tracking is available for all our shipped orders. All goods are insured for the value of the invoice in the shipping documents.

Please read also Payment Note since in some cases the calculation of taxes and duties depends onit.

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